Renting your boat at anytime and anywhere in Europe

The term sharing economy is becoming a popular phrase. In essence it means that people with resources, like boats, share and trade those goods and services with people who do not. Many yacht owners will find that they have a valuable asset that sits idle for far more time than it gets used.

Rent your boat directly to other sailors via what is called peer-to-peer lending

To place a free advert you fill in your boat’s details, add photos and video, mark available dates on a calendar and choose a price be it at boat rental sicilyor anywhere. You can add specific conditions, for example that the renter must have sailing qualifications above a certain level. All users of the website have to give ID details and have earned an eBay-style reliability rating. Owners and renters can chat online to resolve any questions or issues, and the owner retains the power of deciding whether to rent to that person or not.

Accommodation rental

This works like peer-to-peer charter but without the boat leaving its berth. Beds on Board launched at the London Boat Show in January allow you to rent out your boat without it leaving the marina. The website has gone live, with a lot boats listed, from India to the Caribbean. This way, owners set whether they want to rent out the whole boat, a cabin or a bunk, and set the price for one night. Renting on an accommodation-only basis gives us flexibility to still use the boat when we want.

Working with Private boat share syndicate

This consists of two to five members who each own part of a vessel and in turn pay for an equal share of the costs involved, including moorings, winter storage and refit. Legal share agreement paperwork is provided to its members for these situations and is also working towards providing a contract, free of charge, plus a small donation to charity. It should be none that if you want to sell a share in your boat, think about your parameters.


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