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SamBoat manages rentals with a secure online payment system, bond management and customer service that protects the boat, as well as the renter, throughout the navigation period.

The words of Samboat

The fleet offered by the portal ranges from motorboats to long-range sailboats, with prices ranging from €34 to €4,000 per day. Three years after its launch, the start-up saw a moment of success, thanks to a one-million-euro investment round by the French insurance company MAIF AVENIR, which allowed its expansion in Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia and the United Kingdom.

The population of Samboat shows a great interest for collaborative consumption, the economy is developing in a promising way with common values ​​at each place of the boat. Indeed, the boat attracts people right now, and that's why it's a good deal. It is estimated that 76% of French people who rented or shared a property at some point in their lives on this platform and had fun. With more than 7,880 kilometers of the coastline and more than 220,000 registered pleasure boats, nautical tourism attracts more than 2 million tourists every year, mainly in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Andalusian.

The SamBoat catalog

In fact, Catalonia is the largest community of boats. Every water source attracts people, and that's why you should see more to see the private boats available around the world. In any case about customer services, it is a box that has made a lot of effort. Nautical and collaborative consumption exists to design the concept of their platform, which reduces the cost of rent up to 30%. Upon receipt of an application, the owner may accept or reject it. He manages his schedule as he wishes to be able to dispose of his ship when he wants. The owner is free of the way he wants to rent his boat.

They offer all types of boats in the conditions agreed upon by the users: crewed, unmanned or even anchored for those looking for an original accommodation.


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