Where to find a luxury yacht charter to rent ?

Do you want a sea cruise for a day, a week or more? Specialist of yacht charter and luxury sailing, Samboat offers a crewed boat to enjoy your holidays for two, with friends or family. It is also possible to rent one of our yachts or sailboats for an evening event. As the most prestigious services, yacht charter croatia is for you!

Comfort and luxury on board

Synonymous with luxury and worldly cruises, the yacht is above all a boat highly appreciated for its elegance and marine performance. It offers an incomparable onboard living space thanks to its imposing size ranging from 24 to 180 meters for the longest. Among the most luxurious models you can find on board gym, jacuzzi or conference room.

Personalized cruise

Samboat offers several destinations for yacht rentals, the most famous in the Mediterranean. However, nothing prevents you from sailing by following a personalized itinerary validated with the captain. The yacht is indeed particularly suitable for long cruises thanks to the power of its engines. In winter, there are yachts for rent in the Caribbean to enjoy the sun in this archipelago of exotic islands.

Service and activities on measure

Suitable for both business and leisure events, yacht rentals come with tailor-made services and activities. Leisure activities include jet skis, water skis, diving and fishing equipment. On the business side, the largest yachts provide conference rooms and sufficient space for congresses, business lunches or seminars.

Enjoy the crew

Operated by a professional crew consisting mostly of a captain, sailors, a cook and stewards / stewards on board, the yacht offers a unique experience. The yacht's crew is available to customers and will guide you throughout your cruise while knowing how to remain courteous, discreet and attentive to your desires.

Now look no further for your cruises. Samboat can provide you with the luxury boat of your dreams and pleasant stays.


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